Watch: 6 Massive Celebrity Body Transformations

The good people over at EpicMashups have put together the following video chronicling the amazing transformation of six A-list celebrities. If you’re looking for some simple motivation, workout tips, or dieting ideas, this one has it all.

Jake Gyllenhaal
In the beginning you can watch Jake Gyllenhaal go from skinny in The Day After Tomorrow to shredded in Prince of Persia. Then, in a cruel twist of fate he had to lose all the muscle he gained for a role in Nightcrawler, only to gain it all back in only months so he could look like a ripped boxer in Southpaw. There’s a reason these guys are getting paid as well as they are.

Mark Wahlberg
Then you get to see Down The Gym favorite Mark Wahlberg turns himself into a beast for the movie Pain and Gain. Wahlberg was never really out of shape or skinny but the amount of muscle he put on for that film is still impressive.

Michael B. Jordan
Michael B. Jordan, no relation to that Michael Jordan, started his adult career starring Friday Night Lights. Most, however, know him as the star of Creed, from the Rocky franchise. Jordan trained for the role like nobody’s business but, according to one interview, he still indulged in the occasional pizza cheat meal.

Zac Efron
Even if you never watched Disney’s High School Musical, you probably were still aware of the phenomena. It made its way into the annals of pop culture in a big way. The star, if you don’t remember, was a very scrawny Zac Efron. That same young man whose arms once looked like they’d break if they lifted a brick, is now yoked. In the video he, with the help of co-star and dad-bod icon Seth Rogen, explain how he made the transformation.

Gerard Butler
Not much needs to be said about Gerard Butler except 300 and abs. How a 36 year old man was able to transform his body from the very skinny Gerard we saw in Unsuitable Job For A Woman to the beefed up king in 300 is beyond us.

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Will Smith
He is legend. Will Smith started his career as the goofy, skinny transplant in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air but then something happened. He starred in I Am Legend and became one. Watch him tell how he made the transformation and what he tells his son when he asks when he can get some of that muscle in the video below.


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