5 Ridiculously Expensive Bits of Gym Kit

What else are you going to buy with all your money??

Think your current gym membership is a bit pricey?

Well try kitting yourself out with some of these whilst we think about who would actually buy them!!!

How about this Louis Vuitton Punchbag for only £69,000?

Louis Vuitton have decided to step into the ring. With leather trim and zip pockets the set also comes with a travel closet to hang it in and matching gloves worth £4,000 alone.

Solid-gold dumbbells – yours for just…… £74,000

imageYou read correctly. And this set of two Goldloft freeweights from Hock only come in at 2.6lbs, so it’s not like they’ll actually help with anything.

Though, suppose golds a good investment…

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